This week we’re closing out the year with a special episode, where we turn the microphone over to you—our youth ministry community! Join us as we take time to reflect on and share some of the stories that have made 2019 a year to remember in ministry. We hope these stories help remind you of the impact of what you do and inspire you to keep going as we gear up for another exciting year of ministry. Don’t forget: We would love to hear YOUR story from 2019, and the best place to do that is in our Orange Students Facebook Group.


  • CJ’s story (1:10)
  • Brett’s story (3:15)
  • Ashley’s story (5:25)
  • Ryan’s story (8:20)
  • Jessica’s story (11:30)
  • Ashley’s story (13:05)
  • Deryck’s story (14:10)
  • Candice’s story (17:45)
  • Katie’s story (21:05)
  • Stuart’s story (22:30)
  • Dana’s story (25:40)
  • Mary Helen’s story (27:00)
  • Crystal’s story (28:50)
  • Shef’s story (30:00)
  • We’re taking a few weeks off for the holidays, but we’ll be back in January! (32:45)

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