No matter where you are right now, it’s safe to say you’ve been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve experienced uncertainty and crisis like never before as we’ve navigated this pandemic in our communities. As youth workers, we’ve pivoted to keep showing up for our students and our volunteers—even when we can’t be “with” them. So, what now? What do we do to keep showing up for students and volunteers as many of us near the end of sheltering-in-place to embrace a whole new normal in our world?


  • What have been the biggest challenges when it comes to leading volunteers or leading in general right now? (3:30)

  • How do you love someone who you’re not seeing every week? (6:00)

  • Just ask your leaders: How are you doing? (10:00)

  • Tangible things that we do for our leaders make a difference. (10:05)

  • Remind your Small Group Leaders that what they’re doing really matters. (11:45)

  • You can’t talk about the emergency without caring for the leader. (12:00)

  • Everything matters more when there is a relationship. (15:00)

  • Wouldn’t it be a shame if, when all of this goes back to normal, we didn’t take something new into the future? (21:00)

  • Work with the pattern of life that your leaders are in. (29:15)

  • When you reduce discipleship down to things you need know, you’ve lost the essence and the core of what discipleship really is. (33:30)

  • Invite a mental health professional into a Zoom meeting with your leaders to be trained on the spectrum that students may be experiencing. (37:00)\

  • As a youth worker, you need to be prepared to have your leaders prepare for many different scenarios when students start returning to church campuses. (40:00)

  • Though it might not seem like it, reaching out to students right now matters more than it feels like. (43:45)

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