What if you had a roadmap for the next year of ministry? You could . . . 

  • Plan further in advance 
  • Plan what you teach with a strategy in mind
  • Stop wondering what you’ll teach next week

With XP3 curriculum, you get a plan for the next three years of ministry, and detailed insight on each coming year of ministry. We help you plan ahead through our 3-Year Plan called a Scope & Cycle (released every three years) and a 1-Year Plan (released every year) called a Focused Yearly Scope.

 Okay a lot of terms . . . so quiz time.

  • Scope & Cycle = 3 Year Teaching Plan
  • Focused Yearly Scope = 1 Year Plan released every year, based on the three year plan. (It’s like a zoomed in view, released ahead of the next year) 

If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “Scope & Cycle” or our reasoning behind having one, let me encourage you to head over to the XP3 101 post about it. Or, for even even more in-depth look at what our Scope & Cycle is all about and how it’s created, check out this post. The purpose of this blog isn’t just to rehash all of that golden information, but rather to inform you of some awesome information and documents about our updated Scope & Cycle resources.

Focused Yearly Scope for 2020-2021

We call our big-picture view of the next three years Scope & Cycle. But if you zoom in (metaphorically) you’ll see a more detailed version we release every year. So just like last year, this year you also have a focused look of each season one year in advance. We’re hoping this helps you plan out your year better, and we’re also hoping this makes you look like a rockstar to your parents, leaders, and senior pastor! Check them out for MS and HS below! (Click on the images below to download the full PDF version.)

Download The Middle School Focused Scope

Download  The High School Focused Scope

Scope & Cycle (3-Year Plan) 

Our previous Scope & Cycle was dated from 2015 through 2018. Our new Middle School and High School Scope & Cycles are updated for 2018 through 2021! Check them out below! (Click on the images below to download the full PDF version.)

The Why in the When

Our Scope & Cycle is not determined by which dart hits which series on which month. There is a why in the when. The three relational motives and the nine core insights—part of the strategy behind Orange and XP3— are key in helping us choose what makes up our year and when we have certain focuses. You can learn more about those below! (Click on the images below to download the full PDF version.)

We deeply value relevance and innovation. While we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel every few years, we fully recognize that God is continuing to work in helping us refine, adjust, recreate, and tweak aspects of our strategy and curriculum, such as our Scope & Cycle. We hope that the information above not only gives you a better idea of our “why in the when,” but also allows you to say what matters most to your students—in a way they will hear it, remember it, and know what to do about it this week.

Want to learn more about XP3 Students Curriculum or want to try it for free? Visit thinkorange.com/xp3 to learn more and try it for free! 

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