engage every student in their unique stage of life

Want to create unique programs for your

middle schoolers and high schoolers?

This kit is designed to help you address a challenge that every student pastor will eventually face. To split, or not to split? 

With Split Kit, you’ll evaluate timing, process, and walk into the biggest change a youth ministry could experience with confidence. 



Conquer Critical Mass

Determine if Splitting is Right for You 

Get a Step by Step “How To” Split Guide

Cast Vision for Your Change


who is this resource for?

Split Kit is for anyone with a combined group of middle schoolers and high schoolers that is considering splitting into two distinct programs for middle school and high school.


who created this resource?

This resource is from the Orange Students team. We care a lot about creating programs that engage students in their unique stage of life. It’s another reason we produce two “Phase Specific” curriculums, XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School. Learn more at thinkorange.com/xp3