Doug Fields, in his main stage at a previous Orange Conference, gave us a new perspective on leadership. Doug realized that those in the church are often not good at developing more leaders. Self-preservation types of leaders do not value the importance of other leaders. We don’t have to work at getting older. We have to work at getting younger, and raising up a new generation of leaders. If we don’t, our vision, values, and messages are going to die with us. Many are in denial, though, which actually is a much easier place to live. Doug stated that he does not know all the reasons that help get a leader to the point of self-preservation, but he knows there is a way out.

Doug’s suggestion for a new type of leadership is “The Spotlight Leader.” This is a leader who puts others in the spotlight. Everyday in our leadership, we all have a choice. We either push people into the spotlight or out of the spotlight. We need to place others where they can shine and succeed.

3 Aspects of a Spotlight Leader:

  1. A spotlight leader is secure. He or she understands leadership development enough to get out of the way, even at his or her own expense. Depth of insecurity is hurting leadership in the church. Leaders need to be secure enough to let others succeed in leadership.
  2. A spotlight leader searches. Dedicated searches into the lives of other people helps to find the leadership within those people. People are around us, waiting to be discovered, used, and trained. They don’t want to hide anymore. If they do, their leadership will eventually die out. We cannot let that happen.
  3. A spotlight leader is a servant. The reality is servant leaders are hardly ever recognized. Servant-leadership is not a new idea. The problem is that it can turn into self-service. We need to be more like Jesus. He was completely selfless in His leadership. When lead like that, you have the ability to change a life and that person’s family.

In essence, Doug explains spotlight leaders love people, and they see how all of them fit within God’s Kingdom. When we serve as spotlight leaders, everybody wins. Even though it is counter-cultural, this is the type of leader I want to be. The times where I have done that, I have experienced something far greater than I ever do when I am in the spotlight.


About Steve:
Steve lives in Salem, NH. He works at Rockingham Christian Church as a Student Minister for 6-12th grade students. His passion is minister to teens and their families, and he has been actively living in that passion since high school. Steve has a B.A. in Youth Ministry and a Master’s in General Ministry. He blogs at:

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