One of the things we strive for each year at The Orange Conference is to make sure student ministry leaders leave not only feeling inspired but also fully equipped.

Each student ministry leader has the opportunity to select breakouts focused on student ministry. We’ve handpicked the best practitioners and experts to teach these breakouts, and you’re going to love them!

Here’s the official OC15 Student Ministry Breakout list:

// Navigating the 2 middle school phases
// Connecting small group leaders and parents of middle-schoolers
//  Building a teaching strategy for middle schoolers

// Navigating the 4 high school phases
// Initiating parents of 9th-graders
// Creating a strategy for improving your high school strategy
// Transitioning the graduate to what’s next

Also consider joining us Wednesday morning and afternoon for YOULEAD.  The YOULEAD Day breakouts peel away layers to allow you as a student ministry leader to dive deeper into the practical application and “how-to” of ministry ideas.

Here’s the student ministry YOULEAD breakout list:

// Creating a strategy for improving your middle school strategy
// Designing an engaging context for middle-schoolers
//  XP3 Middle School Premier
// Developing a weekly plan to become a better middle school leader


// Creating a strategy for improving your high school strategy
// Connecting small group leaders and parents of high schoolers
//  XP3 High School Revised
//  Developing a weekly plan to become a better high school leader

We are so excited for The Orange Conference.  It’s an incredible time to have fun, learn a few things from some of the best leaders in the field and be inspired to reach the next generation.

If you want more information about The Orange Conference breakout click here and if you are still wanting to register for The Orange Conference click here

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