By Jeremy Zach

Thinking and using XP3 instantly gives student pastors access to a network that is strategically reaching the next generation. There are many great XP3 thinkers out there who are reaching unchurched students while brilliantly connecting the home and church.

XP3 wants to make your job easier by supporting you with a network of experienced leaders. Each Orange church is assigned an Orange Specialist to personally assist in implementing curriculum and strategy. They’ll help you establish a network with other leaders who use a similar style of ministry.

There are three ways XP3 establishes community within the XP3 tribe:

(1) Come follow XP3 Students on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to interact with XP3 Students on a daily or weekly basis, come be a part of our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Every day, on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we are sharing amazing resources and ministry strategy and highlighting XP3 super users.

(2) Come visit our XP3 blog which is for the XP3 community. The XP3 blog is an interactive community that not only shares helpful tips on how to use the curriculum, but also gives our XP3 community the latest news about what is happening in XP3.

(3) Come to the student leader gathering at Orange Conference 2013. If you’re a student leader attending OC13, you don’t want to miss our annual gathering of old companions and new compatriots of the XP3 community. This event is happening Thursday, April 25 (8:30 – 9:35p.m.) at The Orange Conference. This gathering is guaranteed to be lots of fun, entertaining and include a ton of opportunities to network with other Orange student ministry leaders.

So, come join the supported network of experienced XP3 leaders both online and offline.




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