Do you use the toddler curriculum? Did you even know First Look has a toddler curriculum? We do! And, we have Toddler Posters. Do you know about the Toddler Posters? They’re a great addition to any toddler (or even crawler) classroom.

  1. Toddler Posters place the entire month’s curriculum where leaders can see the activities while they are playing with the children. They don’t have to go read a piece of paper in order to know what to do.
  2. Toddler Posters give leaders words to say as they play. Words that plant the seeds of the gospel into the hearts of our smallest friends.
  3. Toddler Posters remind leaders (and any parents who enter the room) that nobody is too young to hear that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.
  4. Toddler Posters enhance your environment because they are just plain adorable!

Our Toddler Posters are available at You can purchase the entire year at one time, saving you on the shipping costs.

Take some time to investigate the Toddler Posters (or toddler curriculum) today. Don’t our littler friends deserve to hear how much God loves them too?