Advice from Orange Specialists

Your Talk Doesn’t Matter (Does It?)

Discouragement has been a far too familiar friend to me throughout the last 11 years I’ve been in full time ministry. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you can’t (good for you). For me, it often comes from my constant battle of negative… Read More

When Something Doesn’t Quite Feel Right

Have you ever attended a group gathering (concert, work, church, school recital, etc) where you are haunted by the energy in the room? You are sitting there, trying to engage, but constantly distracted by the feeling of “this just doesn’t seem right.”… Read More

How to Utilize High School Students as Volunteers

Spiritual growth and serving are connected. Most students who get spiritually stuck need avenues to do something significant. If we as student pastors want to keep moving students in a better direction, we must create consistent opportunities for our students to serve.… Read More

XP3 Game Demo: 5 ‘N 5

An XP3 game is a great way to start a Sunday morning or Wednesday night with your students. It gives students a chance to relax and laugh a little, which can help them engage with what's going on in your environment. In this video… Read More

HELP! 8 Tips For Setting Up New SGL’s For Success

If there's one thing that can truly make or break the potential impact of your student ministry, it's your small groups. The environment, the games, the music, the message... It all pales in comparison to the life-changing potential that a small group can have in… Read More

Team Work: When Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry Collide!

by Brandy Barr About 2 ½ years ago I moved from the children’s ministry team to the student ministry team at the church I am on staff at in Austin, Texas. I love our children’s ministry team. The pastor and her staff… Read More

7 Ways to Prime Your Ministry

By Chris Parker Just like priming the pump for my old rusty lawn mower before I get it started, you and I both have some things we could do to prime the pump of our ministry before the school year gets underway. When… Read More

Clarifying a Clear and Simple Vision For Your Student Ministry

How do you craft and communicate a compelling vision? As student ministry leaders, we have these great plans and visions but how do we communicate in a way that sticks? Well we thought it would be fun to give you access to… Read More

Book Review: The 1% Solution For Your Work and Life

With the New Year upon us, we thought providing content to help you focus your life and ministry would be a good thing. So here ya go: This book is all about goal clarity and deliberate practice. Goal Clarity.  Be clear about… Read More

10 Books Every XP3 Leader Needs To Read

If you are anything like me, I buy books on amazon and I literally just take the book out of the package and put it on my bookshelf and never read it. Student pastors love books and with so many great books… Read More