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5 Things All First Graders Have In Common

Enter a room full of six- and seven-year-olds and you’re bound to spot one thing right away: the lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consetetur idirpiscing elit comodor alis mano sapis… Read More

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Two Words Sticky Faith Taught Me To Say

Our friend Kara Powell guest posted on the Parent Cue blog. She recently published The Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family through her research with Fuller Youth Institute. We are so… Read More

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3 Tips for Organizing Small Groups

Do you have small group leaders who wouldn't dream of missing time with their kids on Sunday? Seeing those kinds of invested relationships doesn't just happen by slapping a new label on an old volunteer role or even by starting a well… Read More

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Sticky Faith For Families With Children With Special Needs

Katie Garvert is the Access Ministries Coordinator for Woodmen Valley Chapel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She shared how her ministry helps family affected by special needs on the Orange Leaders blog. - - - - - - - - - - - - - -… Read More

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Each Parent's Next Step

You’re an Orange leader. You want to combine the church’s influence with the parents’ influence to fuel faith in the next generation. You partner with parents…or at least that’s the goal, right?   If you’re anything like me when I was a… Read More

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Supply Prep

Something that I learned in my days  as a church planter, with a budget of $0, is that being ahead of the game is the key.  Anticipation is the name of the game. When I could work a month or two ahead, I… Read More

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Strategy, Not Curriculum

At 252 Basics, we believe that ministry is more than just a curriculum. That's why everything we do fits into the overall Orange strategy. In this excerpt from his book Think Orange, Reggie Joiner explains why strategy is so important.    A… Read More

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Secret Sauce for ORANGE in a Small Church

Over the last 9 years I’ve had the awesome opportunity to connect with (conservatively) hundreds of amazing leaders. While it might come as a surprise, the majority of churches using ORANGE would actually fall into the category of “small churches”-many with less… Read More

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Every Church Can Give Families a Shared Experience

Even the best parents need consistent voices encouraging them to stay in sync and to create a strong rhythm to build faith in their homes.   I am convinced that one of the best ways to stimulate the rhythm of a family… Read More

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3 Things to Look for in a Small Group Leader

Kevin Ragsdale is the Director of Student Ministry at North Point Community Church and a contributor to the Go Weekly blog. In this article, he shares the top three characteristics he looks for in a good small group leader.  - - -… Read More