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Identifying Student Leaders

“Imagine a large river with a high waterfall. At the bottom of this waterfall hundreds of people are working frantically trying to save those who have fallen into the river and have fallen down the waterfall, many of them drowning. As the… Read More

Suicide Prevention Month: 3 Things to Remember

Written by Brett Talley, an Orange Specialist, and Mandy Baldwin, a Licensed Counselor for Couples & Teens in Indianapolis, IN As you may have heard, the month of September is National Suicide Prevention Month. So, we want to take a few minutes… Read More

Leading a Volunteer from a Fan to a Raving Fan

We all know that ministry would be next to impossible without amazing volunteers. And from what I’ve seen, most of the work in volunteerism and most of the questions that are asked about volunteers happen on the recruiting side. While that’s great… Read More

4 Ways to Keep Up with Student Culture

“The time will come when people will travel in stages moved by steam engines from one city to another, almost as fast as birds can fly, 15 or 20 miles an hour…”  - Oliver Evans, 1755-1819. Remember the first time you experienced an… Read More

3 Ways to Utilize the XP3 Student Daily Devotionals

If you’re an XP3 partner, you know one of the components included with every series is a set of daily devotionals to share with your students. These short devotionals come with five days of content and Scripture images created to help your… Read More

Movies, High School, And Studying “The Nature of the Beast”

One morning in college, I showed up to my 9am class to find the lights low and the opening credits of a movie already rolling (I was part of the one-minute-after-is-still-on-time tribe). It was one of my education classes, and as the… Read More

5 Ways to Make The Most Of Your Youth Ministry Space

By Ray Milsap, Student Pastor at Momentum Church in Gulf Breeze, FL  The squawks of seagull attacks while meeting under a beach pavilion. The sound of blenders running in the tight spaces of a coffee shop. The squeaking of trampolines overheard at… Read More

Taking A Break: Navigating Summer in Your Youth Ministry

To meet or not to meet. That is the question so many youth ministries are facing over the summer. Do we keep chugging along doing business as usual so that we don’t lose momentum? Or do we take a break from the… Read More

How To Not Lose Your Influence

Many leaders are quietly giving away their influence. Are you? You’ve heard it said that influence is the currency of leadership.  And it’s true.  The more influence you have the better able you are to lead people.  A friend of mine always… Read More

3 Hacks to Partying on a Budget

By Jackie Raihl, Orange Specialist, TSA I’m sure we’ve all had those days when we were looking through our (admittedly awesome) XP3 materials, reading up on everything we may need for our lesson, when we see “it” on the list. The dreaded… Read More