How To Develop Student Leaders In 2021

We need a better way to develop student leaders. One that doesn’t revolve around stacking chairs, but actually engages a student’s developing brains around the cultural, spiritual, and leadership issues… Read More

Don’t Let Busy Distract From What Matters

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Talking about Racial Injustice with Students—Even When You’re Not an Expert

My first full-time youth pastor job was in Miami Gardens, Florida. It was 2012, and I had been there about three years when Trayvon Martin was murdered. He was a 17-year-old black boy who was gunned down for looking suspicious while walking… Read More

Let’s Get It Right This Time

Every generation takes a cue from the generation that came before it. How they see God . . . How they see each other . . . How they see the world . . . The hard truth about racism in any… Read More