Middle School

The Volunteer Middle Schoolers Need

Every kid needs someone who knows their history. And every kid needs someone who can rediscover them now.  Read More

You Get 40 Hours a Year: Here’s What You Need to Teach Them

So, here’s the question: If you have less than 20 times to connect to a sixth grader this year, what are you going to teach them? Read More

How to Read a Middle Schooler’s Mind

“Read their mind” is just another way of saying: Every leader needs to understand what’s changing mentally and physically. When you know what can be expected of a phase, you are able to give kids the right amount of success. In Deuteronomy… Read More

If They Aren’t Asking Questions, They Aren’t Listening

There are three drives that are hardwired in every kid:   Wonder Discovery Passion  If you think about those drives as dials you turn to help a kid connect with God, then what if you turn those dials to different volumes for different… Read More

Helping Middle Schoolers Answer: Who Am I?

Every phase of a kid's life has unique cultural changes. But you can’t discover everything you need to know about the culture of childhood and adolescence in a book. By the time a book is printed, culture has changed.  The only way… Read More

[E-Book] Raise the Flag: Middle School Matters More Than You Think

Looking for encouragement? Or language to convince someone why what you do matters so much? Check out and be encouraged by an eBook all about why middle school matters more than we think. You’ll hear from voices like Tom Shefchunas, Mark Oestreicher,… Read More

Surviving “The Talk” in Middle School Ministry

Is there anything with more potential for awkwardness than talking about sex with a room full of middle schoolers? Probably not! Awkward as it may be, it’s one of the most important and influential conversations you can guide your students through. In… Read More

Partnering With Parents During A Middle School Ministry Sex Series

You know what's on the horizon? The XP3 Middle School sex series, which means  a few things are about to happen. Middle schoolers will act like they’re repulsed by the idea of talking about sex, yet somehow your youth group attendance will… Read More