Partnering with Parents

Engaging Every Parent Everywhere

We as youth ministry leaders care about the faith and future of the next generation. To properly invest in our students, we know we must engage all parents everywhere. That… Read More

Partnering With Parents During A Middle School Ministry Sex Series

How do we best partner with parents when it comes to such a sensitive, yet significant series for their middle schooler? One of the best ways to proactively partner with… Read More

Middle School: Understanding This Wonderfully Awkward Phase

Oh, the days of seventh and eighth grade…the phase when nothing you do is cool, everything is fun in a crowd; and one smart kid will remind you, “yeah…I know.” Here are a few things you’ll start to discover about kids in… Read More

Stop, Shop, Pray

By Jonathan Payne, Youth Worker at South Point Community Church in Leonardtown, Maryland. As a relatively new volunteer youth worker, I was looking for a way to come up with some kind of meeting or program outside of Sunday mornings. I knew our students… Read More

Post Camp Conversation Guide (Free Download!)

It's July and it's hot outside, which means it's camp season for student ministries all across the country. (In fact, our very own High School Camp is happening right now in the mountains of Tennessee!) As you undoubtedly know, summer camps can… Read More

Casting Orange Vision To Parents

Partnering with parents is hard. And casting vision to parents is every harder. However.... One of the keys of successfully implementing the Orange strategy in your student ministry is getting your engaged parents on board.  But how does a student pastor cast… Read More

Building a Strong Family Ministry in Your Church: An Interview with Perry Noble

How do you feel your church focuses on family ministry?           Well... Reggie Joiner interviews Perry Noble (Senior Pastor at New Spring Church) on how New Spring Church focuses and resources their family ministry environments. In order to… Read More

Move ’em Up

One of my favorite parts of Middle School Ministry is watching 5th graders transition into our program each Spring. We realized several years ago that after spending 11 years in our awesome Children’s Ministry, students may be a little shy about making… Read More

20 Ways To Partner With Parents

At The Orange Conference 2014, the XP3 team lead the Orange student interactive.  Before the interactive we polled all the attendees asking:  What is the one question you would ask the Orange XP3 team? We received an overwhelming amount of answers.  But… Read More