Partnering with Parents

20 Ways To Partner With Parents

At The Orange Conference 2014, the XP3 team lead the Orange student interactive.  Before the interactive we polled all the attendees asking:  What is the one question you would ask the Orange XP3 team? We received an overwhelming amount of answers.  But… Read More

Ways To Connect With Parents of Students

Connecting with parents is hard!  Parents today are more busy than ever and they have a mindset of it's the church's responsibility to take care of the spiritual needs of my kid. It's is easy for a student pastor to get overwhelmed… Read More

Parents Just Don’t Understand

By Ben Kerns In 1989, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, also known as Will Smith, produced a song titled "Parents Just Don't Understand".  Obviously in this song, Fresh Prince raps about how annoying and clueless parents really are. And the more I think… Read More

Five Roadblocks That Prevent Parent Partnership

A few years ago, the XP3 team sat down with a few influential student pastors.  In one of our creative meetings, we asked two  questions: (1)  What are the roadblocks that prevent student pastors from partnering with parents? (2)  How can we… Read More

5 Questions You Need to Ask to Build Parent Partnerships

By Ryan Reed Every person who works with teenagers, including youth pastors, teachers, recreation leaders, coaches, and so on, must critically consider how to build bridges into parent partnerships for the sake of long-term, sustainable work with teenagers. Intentionally building these in-roads… Read More

Connecting With Parents Through Your Student Ministry Website

Connecting with parents is the first effort in partnering with parents in student ministry, which is why the connection process is so instrumental.  Student ministry leaders have to find ways to connect with parents in small daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly steps.… Read More

Partnering with Parents: A Story From North Haven Church

By Rebecca Jacobson Parents can have incredible influence in the growth and development of their kid. However, mounting evidence reveals that that role of influencer is often neglected, especially when it comes to a kid’s faith development. In response, many congregations are now… Read More

Reactivate The Family: Family Experience via Mission Trip

Today’s guest blogger and Orange thinker-- Andy Dykhouse, the youth director of West Hills Church in Omaha, Nebraska recently took a team made up of students and their parents to the 410 Community of Maliarette, Haiti.  One of the many cool things about… Read More

Parent Connect

If you’ve been partnering with XP3 for any length of time, you’ve probably caught the Orange vision. Churches who seek to partner with parents in an effort to make the most impact on a student for Christ have an edge in walking… Read More

Connecting With Parents…More Benefits Than You Know!

By Tim Riley I had a scary moment 8 months ago; I was called to youth ministry! The Lord called me to leave the safety of my private practice counseling office, with its comfy couch and oversized chair. Gone were the days… Read More