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4 Tips for Leveraging Science Minds in Student Ministry

I've felt bad at science for a LONG time. I've been confused by science for an even LONGER time. Can you relate? It started with my parents' reaction to my… Read More


Sometimes a refresh is just…refreshing…isn’t it?   Well, the time has come to refresh two of the most popular collections of standalone talks in XP3 Middle School (MS) and XP3… Read More

3 Things to Remember When Talking About Freedom to Middle and High Schoolers

If you have spent any time with middle or high school students you know one thing is true. Freedom matters to them. Often, they want more freedom or become overwhelmed with the freedom they do have. The truth is that many middle… Read More

Can’t-Miss Breakouts for Small Churches at OC

We are finally going to gather in a space with other like-minded leaders. I know that the last couple of years has been challenging. Honestly, even saying that doesn’t seem to cover what everyone has been through. Coming to OC22 will give… Read More

Building an All-Star Youth Ministry Teaching Team

Building a teaching team will make you a better student ministry leader. Now, I know. You might be thinking something like: “I don’t have time to build a teaching team! I barely have time to recruit new small group leaders. How in… Read More

Why Talk About Singleness In Middle School?

“Should we really do a talk on singleness?” I asked this question of our XP3 Middle School team here at Orange Students during a brainstorming session for our upcoming series on sex and dating called Real Talk. Of course, I understood the… Read More

Exploring Four All-New XP3 Series for Spring 2022

It’s time for another season release, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!!! 🎉 If you didn’t know, we release curriculum quarterly to stay on the cutting edge of youth culture and trends. Today, the new Spring 2022 season is available… Read More

Activating the Power of Curriculum in Your Small Church

My absolute favorite line in a youth pastor job description is the line that sounds something like . . . “and other duties as assigned.” If you are serving in a smaller church, I know you started making a mental list when… Read More

How to Use XP3 Curriculum in a Combined Environment

In student ministry, one of the most important filters that everything can be run through is, “What is most helpful for the faith development of the students I’m working with?” Think about it. Everything from strategy, teaching, programming structure, or small group… Read More