XP3 Curriculum

2020-2021 Scope & Cycle Resources

What if you had a 3-year plan for what you teach, when you teach it, and how often you'll repeat timeless truth? Read More

Why Is My Curriculum Missing A Week and What Should I Do About It?

As a youth pastor, your schedule is important. Your time is both limited and valuable, and that can make planning content for your weekly services a challenge from time to… Read More

XP3 High School Spring 2019 SEASON RELEASE

It's here, friends! The first season of XP3 High School curriculum for 2019 is officially here. We can't wait to tell you about it! So let's jump in: Famous Last Words This year we're starting our Easter series a bit earlier than… Read More

XP3 Middle School Spring 2019 SEASON RELEASE

Friends! Cheers to our first official season of XP3 Middle School curriculum for 2019! Are you so excited? Trust me, you should be, because this Spring season is full of amazing content and incredible truth that we think your students are going… Read More