XP3 Curriculum

Explaining XP3’s Digital and Distanced Options

It’s 2021. Our whole world looks different now, and most likely, your youth ministry looks different too.  Whether you’ve moved your youth ministry to be completely digital, or you meet in-person socially distanced, or you meet in small groups in the community—or… Read More

What Are XP3 Expansion Packs?

One of the most common questions we get from youth pastors goes something like this: “My youth ministry meets twice a week, but XP3 Curriculum is only designed for a once-a-week gathering that contains both a large group and a small group… Read More

Why Is My Curriculum Missing A Week and What Should I Do About It?

As a youth pastor, your schedule is important. Your time is both limited and valuable, and that can make planning content for your weekly services a challenge from time to time. Between your day-to-day responsibilities at your church, prepping and pouring into… Read More