XP3 Spotlight

The XP3 Students Scope & Cycle Release Strategy

Here at XP3 Students, we receive a variety of questions from youth workers such as you. Questions like: Are your graphics editable? How would you approach combined groups of middle and high school students? Is it Laurel or Yanny? Well: 1- Middle… Read More

5 Things to Remember When Integrating Students with Special Needs into Your Youth Ministry

By Jono Contestabile, Student Ministry Director at Crossroads Community Church in Westminster, MD I’ve always defaulted to the descriptor of “special needs.” The way I see it, or rather have come to see it after eight years of involvement in various special… Read More

Suicide Prevention Month: 3 Things to Remember

Written by Brett Talley, an Orange Specialist, and Mandy Baldwin, a Licensed Counselor for Couples & Teens in Indianapolis, IN As you may have heard, the month of September is National Suicide Prevention Month. So, we want to take a few minutes… Read More

5 Vital Things Youth Workers Should Keep in Mind When Talking About Bullying

If you’ve spent any time in youth ministry over the last decade (if you’re reading this, chances are you have!), then you don’t need us to tell you that bullying is a hard-to-handle hot topic in the lives of most students. You’ve… Read More


I’m so excited to share with you what we’ve got coming your way this Winter in our brand new season of curriculum at XP3 Middle School. We’re covering four very different and super important topics this season that we think have the… Read More

Leading a Volunteer from a Fan to a Raving Fan

We all know that ministry would be next to impossible without amazing volunteers. And from what I’ve seen, most of the work in volunteerism and most of the questions that are asked about volunteers happen on the recruiting side. While that’s great… Read More

My Experience with Pastoring Students in the Juvenile Justice System

By Cory Sullivan, Youth Pastor at Wheatland Community Church in Rush, NY  There has not been a more life-shaping experience for me than pastoring students in the juvenile justice system. These are the youth that society has forgotten—the  ones that have been… Read More

Pulling A Zero in Your Youth Ministry

By Jesse Criss, Fresh Ministry Consulting.  Back in my early days of youth ministry, I pulled my very first zero—as in zero kids came to youth group. I had planned an event, bought supplies, advertised to students and parents, and then, no… Read More

5 Hacks for Using XP3 in a Small Church Context

By Cory Sullivan, Youth Pastor at Wheatland Community Church in Rush, NY  When I hear the terms “small church” or “rural church,” a few things immediately come to mind: small attendance, limited volunteers, and a tiny (or non-existent) budget. There’s little time,… Read More