by Jaime Handley

At XP3, we love what we do! From vision casting for your yearly scope and cycle to researching youth culture to be ahead of the curve on youth trends, we always strive to present new material to help you win in serving your students. Sometimes this leads to us revamping a component or coming up with a new, regularly featured component, like our recent Middle School Curriculum Component. This is exactly what we’ve done with our latest regularly featured XP3 component.

Our video communicators—once only available with select series—are now available with every licensed series! In years past, we’ve chosen specific series to feature video communicators to help you communicate a certain idea or biblical truth in a fresh way. And, it seems, those video communicators have been a big hit! So, we’ve decided to bump things up a notch. We are now featuring these video communicators with every session of every series.

Here are some of the advantages and uses of the Video Communicator component:

1)     The Video Communicator component is a great tool for smaller churches that run on a mostly volunteer basis. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about finding a communicator for every week of every series. You can have a volunteer communicator focus on one or two weeks of the series and allow one of our Video Communicators to deliver the week’s message for you, then utilize your volunteers to lead small groups after the video.

2)     Video communicators can help your program stay on track during a mission trip week, over a holiday or when your main communicator is unavailable. We all have those things on the schedule that interfere with our normal teaching routine. Whether it’s a mission opportunity, a winter retreat or just a personal vacation, the XP3 Video Communicators allow you to continue your program for those students who are still walking into the building while you are away.

3)     Sometimes a change of pace is a good thing. Let’s admit it, sometimes you simply need a change of pace and so do your students. Our engaging Video Communicators can help you communicate a message in a fresh way with a new voice to keep your students engaged. Not to mention, it gives you a chance to focus on your parent community, volunteers and the other components of each series (like the XP). And, for your students who tend to be more visual, having a change of teaching style through the Video Communicators can help them really catch the idea of a particular session

If you haven’t already, take a look at the Video Communicators—which can be found in the “Additional Resources” tab on the download matrix or view them at the Orange Store (click here)—and make them a regular part of your ministry strategy.

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