Here is the Social Media Plan for engaging students with the What You See Is What You Get content.

If you missed the original post explaining what this Social Media plan is all about, then click here.

Feel free to use any and all of this information but also don’t feel tied to these updates word for word. These are simply examples that you could copy and paste if you wanted or add your own personality. If you have any questions, suggestions, or even content that other people can use to help engaging students for this week then please leave your comments below the post.

Social media plan for engaging students:

Twitter: (each tweets uses hashtag #XP3 #WYSIWYG)

–  Teaser for series

Tweet:  What we see is what we get. So, how do we see the right way–Jesus’ way?   Come be apart of our new series: #WYSIWYG #XP3

–  Video Preview of series

Tweet:  Come and view what #WYSIWYG is about here:

[media link=”″]
XP3 // “What You See Is What You Get” Preview Video from XP3 Students on Vimeo.

–  Bottom line from week sessions

Bottom Line Session 1:  God is a loving Father.  #WYSIWYG #XP3

Bottom Line Session 2:  I matter because God says I matter. #WYSIWYG #XP3

Bottom Line Session 3:  Stop asking what can they do for me? and start asking what can I do for them? #WYSIWYG #XP3

–  Follow up tweet aiming at application

Session 1 application tweet:  How do the people around you talk about and describe God? #WYSIWYG #XP3

Session 2 application tweet:  How would you describe confidence in God? #XP3 #WYSIWYG

Session 3 application tweet:  We said, “Love other people like you love yourself.” Why is that so difficult to do? #XP3 #WYSIWYG

–  Funny youtube video 

A great video of what you see is what you get when it is a scary person in an elevator:

[media link=”″]


–  Post series Facebook Timeline graphic


–  Bottom line from week session

FB post:  Session One: Simple — God is a loving Father.  We all have a picture of who God is. And whether it’s positive or negative, the way we see God often shapes the way we experience Him—and most especially the way we relate to His greatest commandment: to love Him with all our heart.

FB post:  Session Two: Famous —  I matter because God says I matter.  Every one of us wants to know the answer to this question: Do I matter? We look for it from our friends, our parents, social media and sometimes even from strangers. But what happens when we choose to stop looking at everyone else to tell us that we matter and start looking to the One who calls us His own?

FB post:  Session Three: The Side of the Road — Stop asking what can they do for me? and start asking what can I do for them?  If we were honest, I think many of us would admit that we tend to see ourselves as the center of the universe. We see people in light of what they can do for us, instead of what we can do for them. But in the Great Commandment, Jesus makes it clear that our call as Christians is to love our neighbor.

–  Follow up question from session

Session 1 follow up question on Facebook:  How do the people around you talk about and describe God? #WYSIWYG #XP3

Session 2 follow up question on Facebook:   How would you describe confidence in God? #XP3 #WYSIWYG

Session 4 follow up question on Facebook: We said, “Love other people like you love yourself.” Why is that so difficult to do? #XP3 #WYSIWYG

Instagram:  (using #XP3)

–  Upload series graphic

This month’s series:  #WYSIWYG #XP3


–  Please feel free to upload pics of your environment on instragram using #XP3 and make sure to include @xp3students in your pic upload.

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