At Orange, we think three is better than one. Reggie likes to wear at least three shades of orange. We’re not truly stocked without at least three kinds of coffee for the Keurig machine. And we’ve decided that three documents for FX on the download matrix will make your life easier than one!
We give you fabulous words, it’s true, but we acknowledge that we can do better at organizing them. So, your massively long FX Production Notes document has now become three simpler, easier to navigate documents. And we think you’ll like that. Here’s why:
1.     FX Leader Summary. This document is the “why.” It provides our usual overview regarding the philosophy behind creating an FX and the individual production segments. It also gives details on the month’s Application Tool (widget) and any special notes for the month (like a fifth Sunday). If you’re a veteran you may not need to do much more than glance at the summary. If you’re new to FX, it’s a fabulous place to start for the 30,000-foot view.
2.     FX Tech List. We love this spreadsheet. It’s pretty. Its IQ is higher than all of ours combined. And it actually makes sense! You’ll find a grid showing each production segment and detailing the corresponding cast, costumes, props, music and sound effects, visual media and any lighting cues. It’s all there in one place. You won’t need to hunt through the Leader Summary or Scripts for missing pieces.
3. FX Scripts. Here’s the heart of the production, plain and simple. You get a title page with a table of contents for easy navigation—and the scripts. No extra pages to print and recycle.
As a side note, if you’ve been using the PDF FX document, you’ll find the script layout slightly different here. We figure your actors don’t need graphics: they need words that are readable and require the fewest number of pages to carry around. The new FX Script PDF will be in standardized, easy-to-follow script formatting.
So, happy three-in-one day. Or is that one-in-three? What do you think of the new format?