I admit it: My family eats fast food way too often. But those fast food companies are geniuses at marketing, and my kids love going and collecting the “free toy” that comes in their kids meals. So, I was thinking: “Wouldn’t it be awesome if the church could offer a ‘free toy’ to the kids every time they come? And what if that toy could enrich their spiritual growth in some way?”
Now you can.
We are pleased to introduce two new ways for churches to offer families the great 252 Home resources on a continuous basis: Design A Cue XP (DACXP) and Studio 252 Membership Subscriptions.
With DACXP, you get four collectible Story Cards and one movie poster for each kid in your ministry each month for a year. And you can add on the monthly widget (aka: application tool) for each kid, too. The Story Cards correspond to the Bible stories being taught in 252 Groups, so you could hand them out each week in your Groups environment. The movie poster depicts one key Bible story on the front and provides a bedtime story on the back, for parents to read to their kids—it would be great to hand out in your first FX environment each month. And the widgets are fun tools that help kids apply the virtue in their real lives. Again, these are great to hand out at the beginning of the month.
Studio 252 Membership Subscriptions are an easy, cost-effective way for churches to provide access to Studio252.tv for their parents each month for a year. Studio252.tv is a fun, interactive website that cues families to learn more about that month’s Bible stories and virtue. Once kids start their membership, they can create their own avatar, watch videos, learn music, read blogs, and color pictures that teach more about what you’ve been teaching in Groups. And when parents start their corresponding membership, they’ll get “For Parent’s Only” videos and PDFs that give them all the background info for that month. They’ll also get more cues for Meal Times, Bed Times, and Hang Time, to give them even more opportunities to connect with their kids.
To find out how your church can take advantage of these two new resources, log into your 252 Basics account page and look for the button at the top that says “Purchase Material Enhancement Products.” This page is preprogrammed to know how many kids are in your ministry, so ordering the proper amount will be easy for you. (Remember, you’re ordering a set of these resources for every kid in your ministry for an entire year. When you break down the price, you’re getting a bargain!)
We can’t wait to hear how these new tools build into the families of your ministry!