What’s new for us at #OC20? Lots. Including Orange Students, and this website.

Let me explain.

Meet Orange Students

Orange Students is the team that brings you youth ministry curriculum, free resources, a podcast, and all kinds of other cool stuff from Orange.

For a long time, we were primarily XP3 Students, which was cool . . . but XP3 is the name of our curriculum and strategy. And we realized a long time ago we always wanted to do even more than just create curriculum and strategy.

We wanted to be a community of leaders that create really helpful resources that make you better at what you do best.

This website—OrangeStudents.com—is our NEW central home for all that stuff—including our blog, free resources, podcast, Facebook community, curriculum, and more.

But enough about that, you’re probably wondering what else is really new at Orange Conference Live 2020.

Weekend Retreat

It’s back with an all new retreat experience and theme! This year, it’s Weekend Retreat: One of A Kind.

Over the course of four unique retreat sessions, you’ll ask students the question, “Who are you . . . really?” Many of us are one person at home, another person with our friends, and someone else around our school’s principal.

That’s not a bad thing, but all the versions can make it difficult to know the REAL you. This weekend, we’re diving into who you are and who you were created to be. As we do, we may just find ourselves stepping away from average, moving past what is “normal,” and into a life that is one-of-a-kind.

Weekend Retreat gives you everything you need to plan a flexible, customizable, dynamic weekend retreat. You’ll get teaching scripts, small group leader guides, graphics & media, planning timelines, and SO much more.

Learn more, and purchase Weekend Retreat here. 

Digital Experience Guide + Free Curriculum

We’ve been helping churches with solutions for creating online experiences that help connect and engage students, even when they can’t meet in person. Using XP3 curriculum, you can continue to provide quality teaching and connection time in the middle of COVID-19.

Check it out at orangestudents.com/coronavirus.


Honestly, we’re not sure if it’s even cool to call it swag anymore, but here we are. We’ve been captivated with this idea that things move fast. Time flies.

This T-Shirt reminds us that change is inevitable, and challenges us to make the most of our time and our influence in a student’s life. And it looks cool. So, there’s that.

We’ve also got a cool mug that says Youth Ministry Fuel. Because at this point aren’t we all up to six cups of coffee a day?! Check it out in the Orange Store.

Split Kit

Want a complete guide to when, why, and how to split your combined group of high school and middle school students? Got you covered.

Split Kit helps walk you through how to consider, prepare and implement phase specific environments. Learn more and download the Split Kit here.

Anyway, that’s it! As always you can catch us in our Facebook Community, and you better believe we’ll be talking about all of this!

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