Once upon a time there lived a pencil maker.

Not just any pencil maker, mind you. The absolute, unequivocally greatest pencil maker in the history of pencils.

His attention to minute detail was legendary. His ability to take a raw resource and create a beautiful, masterful tool was unparalleled. Each pencil was his own work of exquisite artistry. He simply made no mistakes.

Just before placing each perfectly completed pencil into a box, the master pencil maker would take each pencil aside and tell them the same thing…

He would tell each pencil, “There are five things you need to know before I send you out into the world to be the best you can be: First, you will be able to do many great things, but only if you allow yourself to serve others. Second, you will need to experience some sharpening from time to time, but it will always make you better. Third, you can always correct a mistake by changing it. Fourth, the most important part of you will always be what’s inside. And lastly, on every surface you cover, you will leave your mark. Make sure it is a mark that makes every thing you touch better.”

Each pencil understood, promised to remember, and went into the box with dreams of their life of adventure to come, the mark they would make.

There was only one problem…

The pencils the master pencil maker created never came out of the box.

The most overlooked, under-developed, under-challenged student within the sphere of influence of our homes and churches, our club and varsity sports teams, and our high schools is the high school student that really wants to do something significant with their lives, who wants to live for God, who possesses an immeasurable capacity for influence. Lurking within the strain of reaching those students that have not yet been reached and keeping those students who teeter on the edge of poor choices and apathy is an influencer. Beautiful sharpened pencils. Confined to a box.

Youth ministry’s historical attempt at student leadership tends to lean toward gathering select students to be a part of a leadership group, more times than not code for “the scope of your leadership will be relegated to helping our youth ministry get better.” Furthermore, when you mention being a spiritual leader to most students and youth leaders, preaching, singing, leading worship, and being a missionary immediately come to mind. By default, we have helped students become better at doing church. Becoming a leader in an ever-changing culture is another story.

Shouldn’t the entity with the monopoly on purpose be the place that champions high school students to discover how theirs transposes into the real world, in real time? Maybe we, the church, have sold a less-than-inspiring story? Maybe what has been spoken into their lives regarding the vision for their life is simply boring and underwhelming?

But what if…. ?

What if we help high school students to develop a world view that doesn’t see culture as an enemy but their platform? What if we challenge high school students to inject themselves into highly challenging roles and scenarios on their respective campuses, in their communities, with their peers? What if we assign high school students to short-term, high-significance task teams? What if we give them real-time feedback as they experience and learn? What if we provide mentors that believe in them and their desire to be influential and offer them relevant and practical principles and truths that help shape their world-view and leadership capacity? What if we really did help them discover their passion and gift set? What if every senior graduated with at least a personal mission statement and three next steps towards the best version of the person God created them to be? And what if we could help them start connecting the dots with their passion, gift set, and their purpose for existence?

INFLUNSR exists because that there has never been a more opportune time for students to be influential in culture, now and in their respective futures. INFLUNSR exists because we fervently believe that leadership is influence and Jesus is life. Everything and anything else is simply a cheap imitation counterfeit. Everything worth doing is worth doing boldly. Everything that matters requires courage. Students should fear stepping into greatness because it is unknown and scary, but they should fear mediocrity ten billion times more because it is devastating. Too many students choose their path out of fear disguised as practicality.

Influence has nothing to do with something you do. Influence has everything to do with someone you are. Click To Tweet

Influence has nothing to do with something you do. Influence has everything to do with someone you are. Influence is this magnetic relational pull generated by an inner being that burns to matter. Influence is really about choosing to be a person of integrity. Humility. Excellence. Grit. Courage.

And you have high school students who want to make the choice to be influencers.



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