The Orange Conference is less than two months away and will be here before we know it! If you haven’t been to The Orange Conference yet, this is the event designed specifically for you and your ministry team. With ministry leaders like Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, and Perry Noble taking the stage, you’re sure to walk away with incredible insight and wisdom to make what happens on Sunday matter in a student’s life on Monday.

We are getting really excited for The Orange Conference, and to get YOU excited, we’re going to have a contest to win a FREE ticket! For this contest, you need to make a short video explaining why YOU should go The Orange Conference for free. But here’s the catch – we already know that you should go. So this video just needs to be funny – funny like an auditon video for “The Bachelor.” To give you some inspiration, watch this video. And then post your video in our XP3 Partners group for others to watch and enjoy. That’s right, this contest is happening exclusively in our XP3 Partners group. If you’re an XP3 partner and haven’t joined the group, you need to join right now! (We will post the contest rules in the group.)

But there’s a lot more to The Orange Conference than what happens on the main stage. Between main stage sessions, there are over 100 specialized breakouts. These breakouts are designed to give you more specific insight on the issues and topics that matter most to you and your ministry.

You can browse the complete list of Orange Conference breakouts right here, but we thought it would be fun to highlight 10 breakouts that we’re really excited about this year. These are the breakouts that we think our XP3 partners will find helpful and enjoyable:

Coaching The Best Out Of Your Middle School Volunteers
You got a stellar group of volunteers to say “yes” to sticky hands, sharing-the-blocks drama, and diaper explosions. Time to check the preschool ministry volunteer box and move on, right? Truth is, you’re just getting started. Join us to explore how you can encourage and resource your volunteers so they stay on mission, find fulfillment, and desire to serve for many years. Discover practical, effective steps to support those you depend on every week.


Coaching The Best Out Of Your High School Volunteers
You got a stellar group of volunteers to say “yes” to unlimited text and data plans, tough questions about how-far-is-too-far, and a healthy addiction to caffeine. But what do you do with them now? How do you equip and encourage volunteers to be the best they can be this week and still in it for the long term? Join us to explore how you can encourage and resource your volunteers so they stay on mission, find their purpose, and desire to serve for many years. Discover practical, effective steps to you can take to lead those who lead your students each week.


Monday In The Life Of A Middle School Student
From new friend groups and acne to swimming in gym class, middle school students are braving the transition from the concrete nature of childhood to the uncertainty of middle school. As your middle schoolers navigate the ups and downs of discovering where they belong, you’ve got to remember: what you do on Sunday matters, but how a student experiences their world on Monday matters more. Join us in this breakout to discover some of the real-world realities facing today’s middle school students, and how you can leverage those realities to make an impact.


Monday In The Life Of A High School Student
Between college applications, finding a prom date, passing Calculus and working an after school job, high school students are in a balancing act between kid and adult. What you do on Sunday matters, but only if it impacts how a student experiences their world the rest of the week, starting Monday morning. And, their Monday and all the challenges life in high school involves, looks different than it did for you when you were their age. Join us to discover how you can lean into the real-world realities facing high school students right now.


Making Fun Strategic In A Middle School Ministry
Middle schoolers seem like they were specifically created to have fun. But from duct-taping leaders to a wall to choosing games that your students actually think are cool, fun can be hard work! That’s why it’s vital to think through the “hows” and “whys” of what it means to have fun in middle school. Not enough fun means disconnected kids — but fun at the wrong time can be a distraction. Join us for a serious(ly fun) exploration of the role that fun can play in a kid’s ability to learn, to build relationships, and even to know God.


Making Fun Strategic In A High School Ministry
There’s nothing like a room of high school students to make serious fun … serious work! A fun plan that falls flat will drive them away faster than a group of sixth graders. And even though they may act like they’re way too cool for it all, fun is what they really want. It may not seem like a critical component to us, but when their faith experiences ups and downs, a fun student ministry can keep them engaged. Join us for a serious(ly fun) exploration of the role fun can play in meeting discipleship goals, including building relationships through fun and how to play to your audience without trying too hard.


Parenting Your Teenager In A Digital Media World
Whether they consider themselves digital natives, digital rookies, or digital dropouts, the parents of teens in your ministry are looking for direction when it comes to the online world. Join us to explore ways of helping parents apply timeless principles to the realities of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and whatever platform is coming next.


Reimagining Senior Sunday
Balloons, confetti, a sappy video and bakery cake with too much frosting. As a student ministry leader, you’ve probably been there and done that when it comes to high school graduations. But no matter how many times you’ve been through it, graduation is still a first for the seniors in your ministry. And how you navigate that transition can impact the way they see their faith before and after they leave high school. That’s why it’s time for you to take a look at your Senior Sunday celebration with fresh eyes. High school graduation is more than an “event” for your students — it’s crossing a threshold into a new world and a whole new set of Mondays.


Helping Teenagers Reclaim Spiritual Habits
More than ever, our students are living connected, wired, and busy lives. Everything they need is at their fingertips. And yet, with all that’s available to them, keystone habits of their faith are underdeveloped and under utilized. Students living the cultural norm are lonely, lacking empathy and building a misinformed identity. But what if we set our students up to win all week long by teaching them how to reclaim the spiritual habits that connect them more easily to God, other people and even themselves? By teaching students the foundation of the faith, we can bolster their faith, but also set them up to win in the world beyond our ministry on Sunday, and well into their adult lives.


Giving Teenagers Grace For What Happened On Monday... Or Friday
You’re no stranger to social media, so when a student asks to talk on Sunday morning, you may already have a clue what happened Friday night. Whatever it was, no matter how messy or frustrating, now’s not the time to seem shocked or display your disappointment. Your goal is to create a culture where hurting kids run toward you instead of heading for the exit. That’s why you need a plan. Join us to discover the kind of language, teaching and mindset that helps students understand and experience grace when they need it most.

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