Before I graduated from high school there were certain things my parents wanted me to know.

How to change a tire.

How to do laundry.

How to keep track of the amount of money left in a bank account.

There was something about knowing my time in their care was coming to an end that got them thinking about what I was taking with me.

As a student pastor, you probably think the same way. Except it isn’t just when you students are getting ready to graduate that you think through these kinds of things. We think about these things every week when they leave church.

We wonder, “Do they know what they need to know, to set them up for the most success this week?”

We agonize, “Has their faith prepared them for making wise choices when they aren’t here?”

“Have they internalized the most important things when it comes to their beliefs?”

The truth is, we worry about our students. (And let’s be honest, sometimes we worry with good reason.)

Which is why we want to help you. Because you can’t be around your students 24 hours a day. And because every student could use a little help. A boost when it comes to their personal faith and tangible ways for them to take their faith and bring it to life in their every day circumstances.

But also because no matter what age your students are, everyone needs to know for the first time, or be reminded again, of the fundamentals of their faith.

Jesus said it could all be summed up with loving God and loving others, as we love ourselves. But what does that look like?

We set out to write WIRED: A 4-Week Student Devotional Experience to answer that question. Because we believe your students are already hearing the right messages from you, but may need an additional voice.

We believe we have the opportunity to help make Jesus’ most important message stick. And we want to partner with you to make it happen.

WIRED was written helping students in four distinct areas:

Connecting with God.

Loving their Life.

Embracing Community. And,

Serving Others.


Each week…

  • Features an introduction addressing how the topic plays into the Greatest Commandment.
  • Closes with a “Try This” component, encouraging students to take the principles they learned and live them out.
  • Contains interspersed questions to keep students thinking about what these insights have to do with their lives.
  • Circles back around to the things that matter most in our student’s beliefs, but also in their actions, as they follow Jesus.

Plus, if they get to the end and realize they’ve done a lot of the right stuff, but are lacking the most important thing—an actual relationship with Jesus—we close with a “What’s Next” section to walk them through what starting a relationship with Jesus looks like.

The truth is, we really believe in this product. (And not just because we wrote it.) We believe students need a resource that helps connect the dots between their faith and their world. And we believe when that happens, they’re set them up for a better relationship with their heavenly Father, and the potential to change the world around them.

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