An XP3 game is a great way to start a Sunday morning or Wednesday night with your students. It gives students a chance to relax and laugh a little, which can help them engage with what’s going on in your environment.

In this video our amazing OS (Orange Specialists) team plays the game “5 ‘N 5” from our upcoming OVER TIME series (part of our XP3HS Summer 2016 curriculum). If you’re an XP3 subscriber our suggested dates for this series are July 10, July 17, July 24, 2016. Here’s how the game works…

Before the session spend a few minutes coming up with about 20 questions that your students can answer in five seconds or less (or use the questions we came up with). Call 4-6 students up on stage. Each student will have five seconds (you can simply count down on one hand) to answer your question before moving on to the next student. If a student fails to answer the question in five seconds or less, they are out. The last student standing is the winner. Hopefully your students are way better at this game than our OS’s.

Example questions:

  1. Name 5 professional sports teams.
  2. Name 5 things you would find on a burger.
  3. Name 5 bands.
  4. Name 5 street names in [your town].
  5. Name 5 candy bars.
  6. Name 5 things you would find in a refrigerator.
  7. Name 5 US Presidents.
  8. Name 5 fruits.
  9. Name 5 Christmas carols.
  10. Name 5 continents.
  11. Name 5 ice cream flavors.
  12. Name 5 animals you would find on a farm.
  13. Name 5 national holidays.
  14. Name 5 football positions.
  15. Name 5 types of makeup.
  16. Name 5 movies that have come out in the past year.
  17. Name 5 state capitals.
  18. Name 5 Starbucks drinks.
  19. Name 5 Taylor Swift songs.
  20. Name 5 of the previous questions.

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