An XP3 game is a great way to kickoff a week with students in your ministry. Playing a game gives students a chance to relax a bit and get comfortable in your environment prior to moving into a time of worship or into a message.

This week we’re excited to share a little “how to” video of our amazing Orange Specialists team playing the XP3 Middle School game, AXE-PLOSION. This game is part of our XP3MS winter season, from the series UPSIDE DOWN. Here’s how it works…

The object of the game is for students to match Axe body spray scents with the correct scent name. This game can be played in teams or as individuals. The team or individual that gets the most scents correct wins the game.

For this game you’ll need: 5 different cans of Axe body spray, plastic cups, a sharpie (to label the plastic cups), and a way to keep track of who guesses what. In the video below we made small flags (out of card stock and bamboo skewers) to keep track of who guessed what.

Pro tip: Spray the Axe into the plastic cups OUTSIDE to avoid passing out from the incredibly strong scents.

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