XP3 games and icebreaker activities are designed to help students relax, have fun, and engage with others. Sometimes the games are about quick wit and sharpness. Other times they’re about who’s willing to get messy. In this video our amazing OS (Orange Specialists) team plays the game “Bear Hunt” from our upcoming PLOT TWIST series. (If you’re an XP3 subscriber our suggested dates for this series are April 10, April 17, and April 24, 2016.)

In this game the first person to find all 10 gummy bears in the whipped cream pie is the winner. Of course, you can only use your face to find and retrieve the gummy bears. Watch the video to see how this game works (and to see how fun it is).

  • Game supplies: 3 pie tins, 2 cans of whipped cream, 1 pack of gummy bears
  • Messiness rating: High (Lots of whipping cream in upper nostril, which may stay there for days.)
  • Duration: 30 seconds to 4 minutes
  • Number of participants: 2-10 Students

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