It’s officially March, a month of anticipation where we’re for impatient for spring, ready for March Madness, and waiting for “Shallow” to take a break. (Just us? Okay.)

The good news: the wait is over for our new high school seasonal releases!

I Have Questions: Am I affected by entertainment?

I Have Questions is our collection of standalone talks that you can use at any time. In this installment we tackle the topic of entertainment. We know that a lot of students will hear this and think, “Great, I can’t watch any good movies, listen to any good music, or play any good video games.” But this series isn’t about labeling media as simply good or bad. Instead, we encourage students to evaluate their entertainment and use wisdom when choosing what to listen to and watch.

See No Evil

Injustice is a big topic in our culture. Whether it’s gross injustice by a dictator on the other side of the world, or injustice in our own country, it’s a source of constant tension. But what about the injustice in our own schools and communities? How often do we see a situation that’s not okay, but keep walking? Or how often do bad things happen right in front of us, but we don’t even see what’s wrong? In this series we want to help students see the injustice around them, see the injustice in them, and, as followers of Jesus, take action.


Does anyone not know what it’s like to feel underrated? Okay, right, “LeBron.” We’ll give you that. But for the rest of us civilians, feeling underrated is a very real thing. And when you’re young, it can seem like you’re underestimated and overlooked by every adult in your life, from teachers to parents. But the best part of being underrated is shattering those expectations. In this series we’ll look at Paul’s letters to Timothy, and explore how students can break through negative stereotypes and own their decisions, responses, and faith.

Free People

As adults, freedom is a given. We generally do what we want, when we want to. But when you’re a student, freedom is a mixed bag. On one hand, as a teenager, you’ve never had more personal freedom. On the other hand, you don’t feel like you have enough freedom. So what do you do with the freedom you have, and how do you gain more? In this five-week series we’ll look at the book of Galatians and Paul’s insights into what freedom means to a Jesus follower. Students will learn that God didn’t just set free us from something, He wants us to use our freedom for something better.

On behalf of the entire Orange Students team, we’re proud to be a part of your team. And we’re grateful to partner with you in reaching, helping, and equipping the next generation. Thank you for all you do!

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