June 1st we are releasing four brand new series, 12 weeks of content here at XP3 Middle School.

We’re tackling five very different topics that all have the potential to influence the lives of your students in the best way.

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We’ll be talking about change in a series called ROOTED, because, you know, there is no other phase of life that experiences change as much as middle school. That’s why coaching our students in how to handle change is imperative!

Then in the series SAYS WHO, we’ll talk about something every middle schooler fights against, authority. That’s parents, teachers, coaches, or maybe even their youth leaders. We know in this phase, middle schoolers are feeling the tension between doing what they are told and having the freedom to make their own decisions.

Up next, VITAL is a series about the most important thing in life. I say “most important” because it’s what Jesus said was most important: The Greatest Commandment. Because loving yourself, loving others, and loving God are all VITAL to spiritual development.

Finally, we know there are some topics that are just hard to talk about with middle schoolers, but if we as the church aren’t going to talk about them, our students will go to a lot of other places to find someone who will. So we put together a series called TRENDING with two stand-alone messages, one about self-harm and the other about race. We met with counselors, child development specialists, health teachers, and community and ministry leaders to nail down what is developmentally appropriate and relevant for middle schoolers in regards to these topics.

In every season of content, our team works hard to cover topics we think are specifically important to the middle school phase of life, messages, and truths designed to speak to them right where they are. We’re really excited about this fall season at XP3 Middle School, and we can’t wait to get it in your hands!

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