It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: Summer 2019 curriculum season release day! I’m so excited to share with you what we’ve got coming your way this summer in our brand new season of curriculum at XP3 Middle School.

We’re covering four different and very important topics this season that we think have the power to impact middle schoolers right where they are! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for Summer 2019:


How many times in life have you heard a middle schooler talk about something that was just, “not fair!” Something in them just knows it’s not right. That something in them—that frustration they feel when they see or experience those things they know just aren’t fair—that’s their response to something called injustice. Injustice describes things in the world that seem wrong, or unfair, or unequal. And whether middle schoolers realize it or not, injustice is a pretty big deal, and it’s happening all around them. But the thing about injustice is that oftentimes, middle schoolers don’t know what to do about it when they do notice it. They feel too young, or even maybe helpless. But we all know middle schoolers can certainly do something to help fight injustice…they just need a little coaching. That’s why we wrote this series! We can’t wait to hear how you use this series to inspire your middle schoolers to be part of fighting the injustice they see in the world!


I absolutely love rooting for the underdog. Call me crazy, but there’s just something about cheering for someone who nobody expects to win that I think is exciting. I think that’s probably because I know exactly how the underdog feels. And honestly, you probably do, too. Because haven’t we all been undervalued, misjudged, or not taken seriously at some point in our lives? And middle schoolers? They are definitely underestimated whether they notice it or not. Probably one of the biggest areas of our lives where they’ve been underestimated (or maybe even underestimated themselves) is our faith. Because even though they know faith is important, there’s just something about it that makes it seem like a real, growing, true faith is something they’re just too young to have. But we know that’s not true! That’s why we are going to spend three weeks talking about one of the coolest guys in the Bible, named Timothy. We’re going to unpack how someone important in his life encouraged him to not let anyone see him as the underdog, we’ll see the same is true for our middle schoolers.


Whether middle schoolers realize it or not, they spend quite a bit of time thinking about goals. Goals like they want to make an “A” in a certain subject this school year, goals to make a team, goals to go one whole day without looking at their phone, goals to make it just an hour without fighting with their siblings. They have all kinds of goals, with the hope of making their lives better, right? Well, in our new series called… Goals, we’re going to talk about some of the goals middle schoolers can have when it comes to their faith. To do that, we’re going to read some words of wisdom from a guy named Paul written to the Galatians (and to us!), where we’ll talk about how the goals of our faith aren’t about following rules; they’re about living in freedom!


In this series, we spend one week talking about different subjects that impact the lives of students on a regular basis. And this season, that subject is media! We live in a time where media is more accessible than it ever has been before, and honestly, that’s pretty cool! But with all this access to media, middle schoolers may need a little coaching when it comes to navigating the healthy or unhealthy aspects it can have on their life. I mean, are all the TV, movies, Internet, music, video games, and social media actually helping or harming them? All I know is they love media, and may need help seeing that it could be anything but the best thing on earth. We know it’s a really hard topic to tackle. But it’s the one we’re going to try and unpack during this week of Trending. And as we do, I think we’ll see that maybe, when it comes to media, there’s more to it than just good or bad. Maybe in fact, it’s a little bit of both…

So there you have it! The Summer 2019 season of curriculum from XP3 Middle School. We’re super excited about this round of curriculum and to partner with you to influence the next generation!


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