These orientation videos will teach you, as the XP3 primary user, how to manage your account and license and download series as well as train you and your small group leaders how to best utilize the components within XP3 Students.  Here is a quick breakdown of each of the orientation videos:

The Ins and Outs of the XP3 Site: 

  • A Warm Orange Welcome and Orange Specialist Introduction
  • How to log into your XP3 account
  • Operating administrative tools and demonstrating communication system
  • The uniqueness and differences of the primary and secondary users

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Layout of XP3 Account Site: 

  • Explanation of seasonal curriculum tabs
  • Navigation through training matrix tab
  • Demonstration of what the preview video is and does
  • How the credit value works
  • How to license a series
  • How to see credits and expiration
  • A peek into the available series tab

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XP3 Training Matrix: 

  • Resources for primary users
  • Resources for secondary users
  • Bonus section

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Series Components and Downloading: 

  • Usage Guidelines
  • Editor’s Notes
  • Explanation of Featured Series
  • Getting Started
  • Curriculum panels
  • 1-Click Download

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Curriculum Components – Large Group:

  • Creating the Environment
  • Large Script
  • Large Outline
  • Contextualization

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 Curriculum Components – Small Group:

  • Framework of small group questions
  • Setting up small groups
  • Small group leader training
  • Contextualizing Small Group

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Curriculum Components – XP3 Home and XP: 

  • Philosophy of Parent Cue
  • Home/Parent Cue format and implementation
  • Philosophy of XP
  • Ways to use XP

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Curriculum Components – Additional Resources

  • Graphic Support
  • Bumper video
  • Communicator video
  • XP3 community

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