Choice has been a part of who we are here at XP3 Students from the very beginning. Five years ago, we launched this resource with flexibility as a predominant characteristic—we wanted you to be able to choose what you wanted to teach, when you wanted to teach it. However, we also realize that sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming. So, in order to help you plan out your year in a way that helps you really impact your students, we have created the XP3 Students Scope and Cycle.

The XP3 Students Scope and Cycle is a 12-month teaching plan that speaks to the seasonal rhythms that are relevant to a student’s life during key times of the year. XP3 Students is designed as a comprehensive student strategy that helps students experience their faith in three areas: Wonder, Discovery and Passion. XP3 Students’ annual Scope and Cycle aims at getting students to experience the wonder of God, discover who they are and who God made them to be, and to have a passion for God and people that spills over into their everyday relationships.

Often, if youth pastors aren’t careful, we end up talking about what is theologically relevant for us as mature, adult Christians or we just find free content online that meets our immediate need, but doesn’t have a clear plan that fits into a bigger family strategy. The beauty of the XP3 Students Scope and Cycle is that it combines the relevant needs of a student with a biblical conviction—all within a consistent and strategic plan that can help you maximize your time and resources to maximize your impact for Christ on your student group. XP3 Students is not focused on getting students to merely graduate from our student ministries but rather, we’re about getting students to be healthy adults who are life-long followers of Jesus.

To help you follow along with this new Scope and Cycle, we are featuring a series every month. Like we’ve said, you don’t have to choose the featured series. But we will feature at least one series each month. These series are intentional in pushing at the core insights of Wonder, Discovery and Passion. For example, in the month of January, our featured series is Lost In Translation.

For a full-year at-a-glance, simply click the Scope and Cycle icon (available on each of the monthly tabs) to access a downloadable PDF, or you can see the full Scope and Cycle on page six of the XP3 Series Catalog.

If you have any questions or need assistance, simply message your Orange Specialist by selecting the envelope icon at the top of the page, and your OS will be happy to help. We hope you will find the XP3 Students Scope and Cycle a helpful tool in seeing XP3 Students as more than a curriculum, but as a part of a bigger strategy to make the most impact for Christ on the next generation.



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