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The Orange Strategy doesn’t end with the XP3 Students curriculum. The XP3 team has designed a multitude of training resources to help you maximize your influence with your student ministry and experience personal growth as a pastor and leader. The Orange Strategy is all about bringing together the church and the home. And to do that, we want to support you—the student pastor—as you juggle all of the day-to-day details of running your student ministry.

So, this month we want to highlight some of those training resources to let you know what’s available to you as an XP3 partner:

XP3 Students Training Section

The XP3 Students training section is intended to help equip student pastors and Small Group Leaders with vision to implement a relational ministry within the Orange Strategy. This resource is divided into the following sections:

Primary User Resources: We understand that sometimes things can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. This section is designed for the Student Pastor or lead volunteer and includes basic information on the Orange Strategy, XP3 Students, Small Groups, Partnering with Parents and the XP. Each of the files are intended to help you better understand the main components of XP3 and how to integrate them into your ministry.

Equipping Your Team: Volunteers are the foundation of a successful student ministry. But once you find people with a heart for students, how do you equip them? This section is designed for the Small Group Leaders (SGLs) or volunteers of your group. It includes elements intended to help your volunteers better understand Orange and XP3, what the Small Group Leader role entails and the fundamentals of how to lead Small Groups.

Resources: Knowledge is a wonderful thing, but how do you gain it? This section includes recommended books for leaders, parents and students, so you can refer key titles over to those asking you what to read next. We’ve also included the most recent update of the XP3 Series Catalog for a quick reference.

Students Serve: Passion is a critical element for XP3. The Students Serve section is intended to help cast vision for why it’s important for students to serve in their church and community. The Student Serve: Church section includes components intended to help cast vision to adult leadership for why and how students can serve in other areas of ministry, as well as application and interview processes for student volunteers and a podcast of two students talking about the impact their opportunity to serve in their church had on their spiritual walk. The Student Serve: Community section is constantly being added to, but currently has a great article featuring how one of our partner churches has equipped their students to lean into their community, as well as some ideas of ways you can get your students to start serving in their own community.


The Orange Conference 2012

What happens at The Orange Conference doesn’t stay at The Orange Conference. It’s a good thing, too, because something unique happens when your team learns together, discusses ideas together, laughs together, even competes together. You’ll want to take it all home!

Learn from innovators. Realign your team. Network with others. Create a strategy. OC12 will be filled with main sessions and workshops your team will love, including tracks for senior leaders, children’s leaders, student leaders and preschool leaders. We’re also adding specialty workshops for areas like special needs children, urban ministry, small churches and many more to come! You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to hang out with other Youth Pastors from around the world to share ideas, be encouraged and just plain have fun!

You Lead

The desire to be intentional about your own leadership development is in every leader. For most ministry leaders, continual learning and staying up-to-date on leadership principles are major felt needs. But coming up with a plan and sticking to it is a major obstacle. That’s where YouLead comes in!

Each week, you’ll find resources for your personal leadership development that take 20 minutes or less. Additionally, each month you’ll find a structured plan to connect with your volunteers in an encouraging way that also emphasizes key Orange principles. And for icing on the cake, you’ll get plans and discussion topics to challenge your staff and leadership in those same Orange principles. So, lead yourself, lead your team, lead your leaders.

Preview Podcasts

Many of our XP3 series include a series preview designed to help cast vision for the series. These previews are in the format of a podcast that you can burn and distribute to your leaders via a physical CD or post to your website for them to download and listen to at their convenience. It’s a great way for your communicator to catch the vision of where the series needs to go and to allow your Small Group Leaders to gain an understanding of where the series is headed, so they can plan their discussions accordingly.

So, now that you have the rundown of all the great training resources available to you as an XP3 Students partner, what are you waiting for? And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to connect with us by clicking on the “Need Help?” button at the bottom of your XP3 homepage. That’s why we’re here!

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