Has your youth ministry been naughty or nice?

My assumption is your youth ministry has been nice unless you-the beloved student pastor has been mean to your senior pastor or children’s pastor.

Since it is Christmas time it is time to ask for stuff for your student ministry.

That is correct.  Make a youth ministry wishlist like you would a Christmas gift list. So get a sheet of paper, a (color)pencil/pen/marker, all your parent/church email addresses, and 3-5 key students/adult volunteers you love and trust; and get ready to work.  Ask yourself and 3-5 key students/adult leaders what does your student ministry need?  Dream big and don’t worry about money or the actuality of getting it.

Possible items to ask parents and congregation members for:

– TV

–  DVD player

–  candy

– video game systems

– athletic equipment (skis, snowboard, surfboards, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls)

–  bibles/books

– sleeping bags

– camping gear

– church leadership conference tickets (including lodging/food).  We highly recommend the Orange Conference.

–  ping pong/pool/fusball table

– pillows

–  music equipment (drums, guitar, bass, amps, etc.)

– chairs/bean bags

– tables


-movie tickets

– computer

– snack/beverage items

Once you have compiled a long wishlist for your youth ministry, get ready to send it out to the church.  Make sure to put your contact information on the list.

Don’t ask for money. Only ask for materials.

I found that church folk are more willing to give “stuff” to a youth ministry department rather than writing a check.  Church members like to feel as though they are literally “buying” into the youth ministry by providing actual and physical resources.  Plus what a great way for outside adults to contribute to a ministry in the church. The church members have the security that their junk is consider gold in the youth ministry department.

Action steps:

1.  Gather 3-5 key students and adult volunteers

2.  Dream big on what your youth ministry needs.  Make sure to have fun.  Think like this is your wedding registry or Christmas list.  You will be surprise what families are willing to give their youth ministry department

3.  Compile all parent and church members email address

4.  Email your youth ministry wishlist

5.  Don’t be afraid to say no to stuff you will not need.  This is NOT an opportunity for families to give you their junk away

6.   Make sure to give tax deductible receipts and thank you notes (explaining how their stuff helped the youth ministry) to those families who donated


What items am I forgetting?

What specific items does every student ministry need?

How do you get stuff for your youth ministry for free?

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